Lisa: Director

I am responsible for the day to day oversight of the organisation, including planning and finance. I am also our usual media spokeswoman, and the first point of contact if you have any comments about how the organisation is running. I have been with the organisation since 2011, starting out in the role of Volunteer Co-ordinator. I have also worked in both the mental health sector, and human resources sector, and have a passion for inspiring other women to reach their potential. Working with an organisation like OSARCC has changed my life for the better, and though I hate all forms of violence against women and girls, it's this which fuels me to work alongside a committed and dedicated team of staff and volunteers who are working to change this. 

Ellie: Volunteer & Outreach Co-ordinator

I'm the Volunteer & Outreach Co-ordinator at OSARCC and was previously a helpline and email volunteer. I've been with OSARCC in these different roles since 2011. I look after the welfare, training and organisation of our volunteer team, run our external training days, help co-ordinate our fundraising and community work, and am developing our youth outreach programme. So if you have questions about volunteering with us, are interested in fundraising for us, or want to know how we can come and help your organisation provide better support to survivors, then I'm probably the person you want. My favourite part of working for OSARCC is getting to meet and work with a group of amazing women, all committed to making a difference for survivors of sexual violence.

Siriol: Independent Sexual Violence Advocate 

As the Independent Sexual Violence Advocate (ISVA) at OSARCC, I provide one-to-one support for women, usually around the Criminal Justice System or in accessing practical support. If you have questions about the police or legal system related to sexual violence or other forms of support, I'm probably the person to ask. I started at the organisation as a helpline volunteer in 2011 and had a variety of volunteer roles including delivering training and co-facilitating our support groups before becoming an ISVA in 2014. I offer face-to-face support to women around Oxfordshire, meaning that I travel around quite a lot. Before starting as an ISVA I worked for the charity Mind, and before that for Stop Hate UK. I love working in an environment where I am surrounded by inspiring and supportive women!

Asia: Centre Administrator

I’ve been with OSARCC since 2012 - I started as a helpline and email volunteer and I am currently working as a Centre Administrator. I am responsible for the office administration, data collection and statistics. I support staff and volunteer recruitment, as well as internal and external training. I am also involved in campaigning work and publicity research to promote our services within Oxfordshire. I am passionate about bodywork and complementary therapies. I look after our external yoga service and work on the ideas of providing complementary treatments to our service users. If you require any publicity materials or would like to find out more about our campaigning work please contact me and I will be very happy to help you. I am proud to be a part of a group of incredible women who work together to challenge inequality and discrimination towards women and girls, to prevent sexual violence and to raise public awareness on women's rights.

Beth: Services Manager

I am responsible for the day to day operations of OSARCC's services. My focus is on improving OSARCC's internal systems and processes as well as supporting the team and ensuring that our services have what they need in order to thrive and grow. I am a qualified Social Worker with an extensive background in charity management. I combine these two areas to focus on community solutions to address and eradicate sexual violence. I believe that everyone has the capacity to thrive after an experience of sexual violence, if given appropriate support, and am very proud to be a part of the work that OSARCC does. If you have any questions on our services or would like to discuss community fundraising, then please reach out to me.

Susie: Support Group Co-ordinator

I am the Support Group Co-ordinator for OSARCC. I am a Masters level Psychodynamic Psychotherapist with BACP accreditation and 15 years experience of delivering therapy in groups and individual sessions. Having trained in Oxford, I have also spent 10 years working in the States, running inpatient and outpatient groups in hospital settings, and doing individual therapy work. I am passionate about the power of groups, and the magic that can happen within them, when all members are able to share their story, and their experience. Group members are able to see growth in each other that we cannot easily see in ourselves. So if you are interested in finding out more about our therapy support groups then I am the person to talk too. I am committed to providing a high quality service for women and encourage you if you are considering groups to call and talk it through with me. 

Claire: Counselling Co-ordinator

As Counselling Coordinator, I am responsible for developing our highly sought after specialist counselling service, that is grounded in OSARCC's core values and principles. This includes an emphasis on empowering service users to direct their own therapeutic journeys, to find a way forward that is authentic and meaningful to them. A key part of the role is to continue to develop the counselling service standards, recruiting and training counselling volunteers, as well as supporting service users' to access the service. I joined OSARCC in July 2017, and have been so happy to land in such a supportive and warm team - it affirms to me the importance of supportive relationships with other women that as a whole OSARCC aims to provide. My counselling background is varied and includes work within the Prison system, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, online therapy, work with young people and children, private practice as well as a counsellor and manager in a Primary Care mental health service. I am inspired by the person-centred approach, which suggests people are growth-orientated, and that when offered therapeutic relationships that are sufficiently valuing, non-judgemental, and genuine, will be able to use that space to move forward from sexual violence experiences in ways that are meaningful. In a world responses to trauma are classified as pathology, and where therapy is increasingly measured by artificial goals, I see that a counselling service such as OSARCC strives to provide is of huge value, and I hope to be part of making it accessible to more women who need its support.

Dulcie: Empowerment Worker (SEE Project)

I am an empowerment worker at OSARCC. I joined the team in July 2017 and have really enjoyed having an input in developing the young women and girls project. I hold a Master’s degree in Criminology and another Master’s in Psychology, and am now carrying out a Doctorate in Forensic Psychology. Prior to training in psychology, I worked in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation service and as a researcher in youth offender institutions. I have also worked as an appropriate adult for arrestees deemed to be ‘vulnerable’ (with a learning or mental health difficulty, or under the age of 18) during their police interview. Alongside my doctoral training and work with OSARCC, I run support groups on behalf of Prisoners Abroad – the UK’s only charity supporting British citizens who have experienced imprisonment overseas. During my training in psychology I have received extensive training in Narrative Exposure Therapy and am currently working on a research project developing this therapy for traumatised individuals deported to the UK. Throughout my work I have seen the devastating effect of trauma and the consequences when support is lacking. The empowerment work we carry out at OSARCC is so important and I am thrilled to see the project develop.

Lucy: Project Coordinator (Young Women and Girls Project)

I have joined OSARCC in January 2017. I coordinate the development and day to day operations within the Support Empower Educate project. I hold Master’s degree in Education and Social Inclusion, and Post-grad in Speech Language Therapy. I have several years of experience in teaching, as well as extensive experience in providing psychological and emotional support for children, young people and their families. Last several years of my work I have dedicated to support people with severe and enduring mental health problems. As a member of Polish Psychologists Association, I provide emotional and psycho-educational support for Eastern European ethnic minorities. I am currently working on completing a diploma in CBT. Working for OSARCC and developing the SEE project has been a wonderful experience. I feel privileged to be part of such a dedicated and inspiring team of staff and volunteers.

Hannah: Empowerment Worker (SEE Project)

In July 2017 I joined OSARCC as an Empowerment worker on the SEE (Support, Empower, Educate) project for under 18s. As an Empowerment worker, I will be supporting young women who are dealing with the effects of sexual violence. My background is in Youth Work, with a focus on using creativity as a tool to empower. I also work part time for a Charity where I manage a creative project for young people with disabilities and LGBTQ+ young people. The project aims to increase visibility, challenge inequality and expand the aspirations of participants.  I believe very strongly in the importance of the SEE project and look forward to seeing it develop over the next few years


The board of trustees are collectively responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of the charity. OSARCC trustees are also company directors.

Sally Copley: Chair

In addition to my role as a Trustee, I Chair our regular Board meetings (held every six weeks) working with the Director to set the agenda and ensure all actions are followed up. In my professional life I'm Head of Policy, Programmes and Campaigns at Oxfam GB, where I've worked since 2012. Prior to joining Oxfam, I led domestic child poverty policy, advocacy and campaigns for Save the Children UK, focussing on low incomes and education. I have also led local and national policy, advocacy and campaigns on gender, LBGT rights and housing for other NGOs including YWCA, Shelter and Stonewall. I'm also a trustee of the Climate Coalition, Bond, and the Alethia Foundation. I live in Oxford with my two children. I'm on Twitter at @sallycopley

Our other trustees are:

  • Alison Sutton-Davezac
  • Amelia Van Manen
  • Anna Thorne
  • Anne Peake
  • Sarah Beal
  • Susanna Reece
  • Tracey Lott


Volunteers are the beating heart of OSARCC. They run our helpline and email support, co-facilitate our support groups, help with fundraising and offer administrative support. If you would like to find out more about joining our award winning team, please visit our volunteering page.